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In vitro ADME & DMPK

Comprehensive range of standardized in vitro ADMET assays

Focusing research efforts on compounds that have the best chance of success delivers significant cost and time savings and ensures that safety and efficacy are integrated from the outset. Identifying the compounds to discard is nearly as important as choosing the ones to progress. Early assessment of absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity (ADMET) is essential in identifying weaker drug candidates early in the drug-discovery process and decreasing the proportion of compounds failing in clinical trials for ADMET reasons.

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A more in-depth view

CAOM we offer a comprehensive suite of standardized in vitro ADMET assays and engage with our clients to design purposeful screening cascades tailored to each drug discovery programme.

  • 5-day turnaround time for routine assays to accelerate the Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycle. Assays developed to minimize compound usage and reduce cost.
  • State-of-the-art equipment, automated data management and interpretation by highly experienced scientists.
  • High compound throughput via robotic liquid handling systems.
  • Tailored service to client requirements with guidance on best techniques and project management.
  • The highest industry standards and strict acceptance criteria to ensure lean project progression. 

Physicochemical properties
  • Solubility
  • LogD
  • Chromatographic hydrophobicity index (CHI)
  • Chemical stability 

In vitro metabolism
  • Plasma and whole Blood Stability
  • Microsome and S9 Stability
  • Hepatocyte Stability

Protein Binding 
  • Protein Binding 
  • Blood plasma partitioning 

Permeability and Transporters
  • Caco2 permeability
  • MDCK permeability 

Drug-Drug Interaction 
  • CYP450 Inhibition- pooled 
  • CYP450 Inhibition single isoform 

In vitro toxicology 
  • In vitro cytoxicity 
  • hERG Inhibition
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