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Protein Binding

In the meticulous journey of drug development, Concept Life Sciences recognizes the pivotal role of protein binding in shaping a drug's efficacy. A comprehensive understanding extends beyond blood to encompass plasma and various tissues, including the intricate realm of brain tissues. Serum albumin, lipoprotein, and various globulins emerge as common binding partners in this intricate dance. The drug's ability to traverse the blood-brain barrier (BBB) adds another layer to this complexity. We emphasize the significance of the drug's free fraction (fu) as a determinant of efficient permeation and diffusion across cell membranes. Equilibrium dialysis, a cornerstone in our methodology, accurately unveils protein binding affinities, guiding crucial decisions in drug development. This knowledge, influencing compound dosing, efficacy, clearance rates, and potential for interactions, underscores our commitment to precision at every phase. Additionally, in our pursuit of metabolic stability, we acknowledge that in vitro drug binding to microsomes may impact clearance rate estimations, a nuance corrected by accounting for the free fraction in incubation (fu inc). Concept Life Sciences navigates these complexities with foresight, ensuring robust correlations and paving the way for transformative strides in drug development.

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