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Chromotographic Hydrophobicity Index (CHI)

In the quest to unravel the intricate properties of compounds, Concept Life Sciences turns to the Chromatographic Hydrophobicity Index (CHI), a beacon of physicochemical insight. Harnessing the bedrock chemistry of gradient reverse phase liquid chromatography (RP-LC), CHI unveils the hydrophobicity of compounds with precision. Within the realm of gradient RP-LC, the retention time (tR) serves as a faithful guidepost, intimately linked to the ratio of Organic Mobile Phase (OMP) and aqueous mobile phase (AMP) required for elution. This delicate balance mirrors a compound's polarity, making tR a beacon for gauging hydrophobicity. Notably, compounds exhibiting prolonged retention times, demanding a higher organic mobile phase content for elution, signal heightened hydrophobicity. CHI emerges as a discerning tool, illuminating the subtle interplay between molecular structure and hydrophobic tendencies, empowering Concept Life Sciences to navigate the complexities of compound characterization with finesse and clarity.

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