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Plasma Stability

In the intricate landscape of drug discovery, Concept Life Sciences places a strategic emphasis on plasma stability—a linchpin in the quest for effective therapeutic solutions. Rapid metabolism, a critical factor, directly impacts drug exposure at the therapeutic target, underscoring the importance of stability assessments. Unstable compounds not only pose challenges in in vitro plasma protein binding studies but also complicate in vivo pharmacokinetic studies by continuing to degrade post-sample collection. This nuanced understanding is particularly crucial in screening prodrugs, where swift conversion is desirable. Functional groups like amides, esters, or lactones become focal points, as they make compounds susceptible to plasma enzymes such as hydrolases and esterases. Within this precision-driven approach, Concept Life Sciences navigates the intricacies of plasma stability, steering the course of drug discovery with clarity, foresight, and a commitment to excellence

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