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Microsome & S9 Stability

In the intricate tapestry of drug development, Concept Life Sciences places metabolic stability under a discerning lens, recognizing its pivotal impact on therapeutic efficacy and toxicity. The transformative journey of most drugs involves biotransformation by metabolic enzymes, metamorphosing them into more polar molecules for efficient excretion. Notably, rapid metabolism poses a challenge by diminishing drug exposure at the therapeutic target. In our precision-driven approach, we turn to microsomes—a sub-cellular liver fraction—as a key reagent for stability assessment, given their relevance in CYP-mediated metabolism, a common pathway for many drugs. Additionally, S9, another sub-cellular liver fraction, containing both phase I and some phase II enzymes, emerges as a cost-effective tool in the early stages of drug discovery, providing insights into Phase I & II mediated metabolism. This strategic utilization reflects Concept Life Sciences' commitment to navigating the complexities of drug development with clarity, precision, and efficiency.

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