Experts in developing human in vitro cell-based co-culture disease models

The identification and selection of suitable biomarkers is critical to the successful translation of laboratory research into effective clinical trial outcomes.

We are experts in developing human in vitro cell-based co-culture disease models using primary cells or tissue (diseased and non-diseased) and also offer tailored histology readouts. We provide an analysis of the best matched models and biomarker readouts to support the translation of your in vivo efficacy studies to prediction and analysis of drug behavior in humans.

We support our clients throughout the journey from discovery to clinic and provide biomarker support with a range of tailored readouts (eg qPCR, LCMS/MS, MSD, Flow cytometry, Histology, RNA-seq and ELISA).

Biomarker testing capabilities

Small molecule biomarkers

Concept’s highly experienced bioanalytical team have decades of know-how in developing and validating novel chromatographic assays to detect and quantify small molecule biomarkers. These assays can be validated to the appropriate standard, ranging from scientific validations (for investigative studies) through to fully validated for pivotal studies.

RNA biomarkers

Our scientific experts can leverage Next Generation Sequencing-based technologies to characterize individual cells or pooled samples and generate a wealth of genomics and transcriptomics data to drive forward your Biomarker programs.

Working consultatively with clients, we use the latest 10x Genomics® Chromium™ System to deliver a single-cell RNA-sequencing readout. We also offer a NanoString service for multiplex analysis of up to 800 RNA, DNA or protein targets.

Protein biomarkers

Our expert biology team offers a variety of discovery, preclinical and clinical research services. This includes validated biomarker assays, utilizing multiplex readout technologies such as MSD’s MESO QuickPlex SQ120 for rapid highly-sensitive results and Akoya Biosciences® Vectra® Polaris™ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System. This allows us to create stunning high-quality fluorescent images of multiple biomarkers on a single section. Up to nine markers (8 + DAPI) (9-plex) can be visualized at 10-40x, allowing for image analysis, quantification and phenotyping of samples.

We also offer multi-color flow cytometry, ELISA and Luminex®. Our highly experienced immunologists are able to deliver a wide range of customizable multiplex analyses of protein biomarkers. Our multiplex approaches can be used to stratify patient response to therapy, supporting our client’s specific biomarker strategy from discovery through to clinic.

For those protein biomarkers which do not have suitable reagents, our specialist bioanalytical team can also provide LC-MS/MS based support. This is delivered through either intact analysis via high-resolution accurate mass or the gold standard surrogate peptide approach via more traditional quantitative LC-MS/MS techniques.

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