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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is fundamental to scientific inquiry, offering a deep dive into the intricacies of cellular processes, genetic information, and the molecular mechanisms that underpin biology. In the context of Research and Development (R&D) and drug discovery, Molecular Biology allows us to unravel the genetic and molecular intricacies that contribute to disease susceptibility, progression, and response to treatment.

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Molecular Biology techniques can be utilised to:

  • Identify or discover new biomarkers as drug targets.
  • Understand genetic variation and individual heterogeneity.
  • Study the genetic influence on pharmacological action, adverse reactions, or drug metabolism.
  • Elucidate the mechanism of action (MoA) of your drug.
  • Validate and quantify previously identified biomarkers.

 We recognise the pivotal role of Molecular Biology in propelling advancements in R&D and drug discovery. Our commitment to innovation has led us to expand our Molecular Biology services, offering a comprehensive suite of assays tailored to empower you in the identification, evaluation, and validation of your targets, providing the precision required for informed decision-making at every stage of the drug discovery process. 

Gene Expression Analysis. Our Gene Expression Analysis services provide a comprehensive understanding of how genes are regulated and offer precise insights into the intricates of molecular signals within cellular processes. Uncover key regulatory pathways with our tailored solutions for gene expression studies.

Transcriptomics. From identifying potential therapeutic targets to deciphering intricate cellular responses, our integrated bulk, single-cell, and spatial transcriptomic approaches seamlessly transition from experimental design to library preparation offering a systematic and quantitative exploration of the entire transcriptome.

Genetic Modification. Manipulate gene and protein expression to uncover their roles in disease and potential therapeutic interventions. Whether through transfection or transduction, our genetic modification allows investigation of gene function and cellular behaviour with siRNA or shRNA.

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