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Cell Based Assays

Cell-based assays are pivotal across every phase of drug discovery and development, profoundly influencing the pace of therapeutic advancements to market. When the most appropriate cell models and experimental design are sapiently selected, cell-based assays can provide the ideal combination of speed, efficiency, and physiological relevance to unlock critical insights on therapeutic candidates.

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A more in-depth view

Several critical considerations are essential to ensure that cell-based assays provide the answers needed to strengthen your drug discovery programme:

  • Strategic Assay Development: Understanding the specific context and intended data use is key in crafting biologically relevant assays for high-quality data generation.    
  • Assay Customisation:  Pinpointing representative cell types and identifying suitable read-outs aligned with therapeutic mechanisms of action (MOA) are core aspects of assay development.
  • Expertise in Action:  Our cell-based team holds extensive experience in conducting complex assays tailored to diverse therapeutic targets and modalities.
  • Tailored Precision: We customise assays to meet clients' unique requirements, ensuring a seamless alignment with their research objectives.    
  • In-Depth Analysis:  Our approach allows for comprehensive examination of cellular behaviour, unravelling disease mechanisms, and precise efficacy measurements.

Discover the array of capabilities we offer in designing, conducting, and interpreting cell-based assays:

  • Cell lines
  • Primary cells
  • iPSC-derived cells    

Our cell-based assays serve as a potent tool in the drug discovery process, offering target-agnostic and therapeutic modality-agnostic applications.