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Assay Card

Assay Card

Sodium/Iodide symporter (NIS) assay

Concept Life Sciences employs the NIS assay, a meticulously crafted methodology that gauges the uptake of iodide into rat FRTL-5 cells, both in the presence and absence of a test item. Central to thyroid hormone synthesis, the NIS co-transporter plays a pivotal role in mediating iodide uptake into follicular cells of the thyroid gland. Our spectrophotometric approach, enriched with a positive control (and a negative control upon client request), unveils the intricate dynamics of this process. We ensure not only the precision of our results but also a thorough assessment of cell viability—a critical checkpoint for accurate data interpretation. In the symphony of scientific excellence, Concept Life Sciences navigates the nuances of the NIS assay, contributing valuable insights to the landscape of thyroid-related research with clarity, accuracy, and a steadfast commitment to advancing scientific understanding.

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