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Biophysics provides a detailed understanding of the physical principles governing biological systems. The integration of biophysical techniques allows researchers to delve into the intricate molecular interactions between drug candidates and their targets including proteins and nucleic acids. Our biophysical techniques can provide affinity, kinetics and thermodynamics of given interactions. We are able to run studies on a range of scales, from measuring a single interaction to many thousands of interactions.

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Biophysical Assay Services

Structural insight is crucial for designing drugs with enhanced specificity and efficacy. Biophysical methods also facilitate the study of thermodynamics (ITC), kinetics (SPR), and conformational changes (CD, AUC) associated with drug binding, aiding in the optimization of drug candidates by fine-tuning their properties for optimal performance within the complex biological milieu.

Moreover, biophysics contributes significantly to understanding drug-target interactions at the molecular level, helping researchers identify potential off-target effects and assess the overall safety profile of candidate compounds. Biophysical tools provide quantitative data on binding affinities, thermodynamic parameters, and kinetics, enabling a more rational and systematic approach to drug design. This multidisciplinary approach, combining biology and physics, has become indispensable in the early stages of drug discovery, allowing researchers to make informed decisions about lead compounds and streamline the drug development process. As technology advances, biophysics continues to evolve, offering increasingly sophisticated tools that empower scientists to unravel the complexities of biological systems and expedite the discovery of novel therapeutic agents.