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Antibody Drug Conjugates

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have recently been gaining significant attention as an attractive strategy to treat cancers. This novel therapeutic modality, underpinned by the chemical ligation of cytotoxic agents to monoclonal antibodies, facilitates the selective delivery of cytotoxins to tumour cells, thus mitigating some of the damaging side-effects associated with classical cancer chemotherapy. Concept Life Sciences scientists have expertise in all aspects of ADC synthesis and characterization to help expedite your ADC projects from discovery to the clinic.

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ADC synthesis

- Thanks to our expertise in organic synthesis, we efficiently  deliver complex linker and cytotoxic warhead chemistry typically required by  ADC projects.

- Our specialist SOLO Containment® flexible film isolator  allows us to safely handle OEB5 level cytotoxins typically employed in ADC  research.

- Using cutting-edge bioconjugation techniques, we prepare ADCs with drug-antibody ratios (DAR) adapted to your project needs.


Structural characterization

- We have fully developed protocols allowing the  calculation of DAR by mass spectrometry and ADC digestion, and use UV-visible  absorption for glycoform profiling.

- Our peptide mapping expertise allows us to analyse  chemical and post-translational modifications of the antibody and pinpoint  drug binding sites.

- We combine our expertise in biophysical  characterisation with our world-leading analytical instrumentation (e.g. OMNISEC  and Zetasizer Ultra) for an in-depth assessment of ADC aggregation profiles.    


Biological characterization

- We monitor the effect of antibodies and ADCs  against target antigen-expressing and nontarget antigen-expressing cell lines  to study ADC specificity on cell metabolism.

- We determine the time-dependent effect of your  ADCs using an IncuCyte®. This enables us to gain a dynamic understanding of biological  processes such as migration and phagocytosis.

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