Cytotoxicity in vitro ADMET assay data sheet

The cytotoxic potential of a new chemical entity can be evaluated through the cell culture cytotoxicity assay, which measures the viability of the epithelial cell line HepG2 in the presence of a test compound at different concentrations. The fluorometric/colorimetric dye, Resazurin is used to determine cellular

metabolic activity and mitochondrial viability of live cells. The transference of electrons from NADPH to resazurin, will reduce the blue Resazurin to a pink fluorescent counterpart, resorufin. Cytotoxicity is indicated by a decreased reduction of resazurin to its fluorescent product resorufin and thus the amount of colored resorufin product is directly proportional to the number of viable cells.

The assay provides an IC50 (concentration that causes inhibition growth of 50% of the cell population) by means of an 8-point curve. We deliver the IC50 concentration of test compound.

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