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How can BioPALS' AI-Powered Virtual Screening Revolutionize Hit Identification for Accelerated Drug Discovery?

BioPALS is a brand-new hit identification solution added to our medicinal chemistry services. Incubated within our laboratories, BioPALS relies on a 2-step process. A structure-based virtual screening which we are accelerating by several orders of magnitude using AI, is first performed. This enables us to efficiently triage up to billions of compounds using advanced structure-based technologies. The virtual hits are purchased or synthesised within our laboratories, then confirmed in vitro using three orthogonal biophysical techniques, GCI, DSF and Ligand-observed NMR. To complete the BioPALS process, the very best hits are profiled in primary in vitro ADMET assays.

BioPALS is lean, providing high-quality hits in a matter of weeks, and at a fraction of the price compared to classical techniques such as HTS and DEL screens. It pushes the boundaries of virtual screening by incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies to fully explore the continuously expanding chemical universe that’s commercially available. Our scientists have also carefully designed the in vitro confirmation workflow to not only ensure hits effectively bind the target of interest, but also to determine binding affinities, kinetics, topologies, and primary ADMET parameters for all hits. This means, our clients are fully equipped to select the best start points for their drug discovery campaign, and rapidly optimise them into leads and eventual clinical candidates.

BioPALS is highly versatile. It can for instance be applied alongside other hit identification techniques to identify start points for a challenging or un validated target, or to identify novel hit matter for well-established targets. All we need to know to start a BioPALS campaign is the target of interest and the library our clients wish to screen. We take care of the rest. We have already successfully applied BioPALS to several biological targets such as the BRFP1b bromodomain, paving the way towards better treatments for AML and many other cancers.

Download our poster here to learn more.

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