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Medicinal Chemistry

Making every molecule count

Each drug discovery project is unique. Bespoke strategies adapted to therapeutic areas, mechanism of actions, modes of delivery, business models, and competitive landscape need to be created to identify a high-quality drug candidate. At Concept Life Sciences, we provide our medicinal chemistry expertise to help your project progress smoothly through each drug discovery milestone. Our medicinal chemists have an in-depth understanding of all scientific disciplines underpinning the drug discovery process and work closely with synthetic and computational chemists, biologists and DMPK scientists across our laboratories to deliver your project goals.

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Connected expertise and services

A more in-depth view

In depth expertise with services adapted to your needs

Our medicinal chemists have built a strong track record of developing high-value clinical assets across therapeutic areas and target classes:

  • Named inventors on > 20 patents
  • Authored > 40 peers reviewed articles
  • Accelerated > 300 clients’ programmes
  • Enabled the discovery of > 15 clinical candidates and 4 marketed drugs

We understand the importance of delivering against the project progression criteria and work closely with our partners to provide adapted solutions. We provide services and solutions adapted to your needs:

  • Consultancy: We analyse literature and proprietary Structure Activity Relationships (SAR) to support defined work packages such as competitive landscape review or licensing activities.
  • Standalone medicinal chemistry: An extension to your research team, we manage decision-making processes and activities to accelerate the delivery of your drug discovery program.
  • Integrated drug discovery: We provide medicinal chemistry as part of a fully integrated drug discovery service within our therapeutic areas of expertise: Immunology, Neuroscience and Oncology.

Our medicinal chemistry expertise span classic and new therapeutic modalities such as PROTACs, ADCs, peptidomimetics and nucleotides.

Scientific excellence empowered by cutting-edge technologies

Kick-start your project with the right hit identification strategies. Our medicinal chemists advise on the most appropriate approaches for your project.

We accelerate the hit optimisation process with lean Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycling and steer your project throughout the drug discovery process by:

  • Establishing a drug discovery strategy and a critical path
  • Designing a purposeful screening cascade
  • Formulating and testing SAR hypotheses using appropriate design strategies
  • Applying cutting-edge medicinal chemistry technologies such as Sparse Array Design, CNS-MPO and Matched Molecular Pair analysis
  • Developing synthetic routes to unchartered chemical spaces, thus enabling the comprehensive exploration of SAR and generation of appropriate Intellectual Property
  • Harnessing the power of computational modelling, cheminformatics and Machine Learning to establish SAR patterns and efficiently optimize chemical series.
  • Monitoring both competitive landscape and progress against Lead Candidate criteria

Our drug discovery informatics platform enables our scientist to efficiently share ideas across scientific disciplines, effortlessly monitor project progression and promptly communicate data with you. This means our medicinal chemists are nimble and can pave the leanest way to the clinic for each of your projects.