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Development of a selective WEE1 inhibitor

WEE1, a pivotal regulator of the G2/M cell cycle checkpoint, exerts its control by phosphorylating CDK1 (Cdc2) at Tyr15, leading to the inhibition of CDK1/cyclin B kinase activity (Matheson et al, 2016). By inhibiting WEE1, we can override DNA damage-induced cell cycle arrest, particularly in cells with a compromised G1 checkpoint, compelling TP53 mutant cancer cells towards mitotic catastrophe (Duda et al, 2016). This establishes WEE1 as an attractive therapeutic target, offering the potential to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapeutic DNA-damaging treatments. Our focus on WEE1 modulation aligns with the quest for innovative strategies in cancer therapy, exploiting cell cycle checkpoints to disrupt cancer cell survival and amplify the impact of existing therapeutic interventions.

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