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Analytical Chemistry

Our dedicated analytical team utilises state of the art instrumentation and expertise to tackle complex challenges in drug discovery and development. From purity determination, compound separation and purification, and compound structure identification / elucidation to method development & validation and final API release; we deliver precise and reliable results to accelerate our client’s projects.

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Connected expertise and services

Connected expertise and services

A more in-depth view

Discover the precision of analytical chemistry, unlocking insights at the molecular level

Our analysts have vast experience in supporting drug discovery and development programs. From Chromatography to separation and identification of impurities. Utilising complementing analytical techniques, we unravel complex structures and elucidate impurity profiles with accuracy. 

Our laboratories are equipped with a comprehensive suite of instruments to analyse, purify and characterise chemical matter, with additional expertise provided by our dedicated analytical chemistry team.

  • 3 open-access 400 MHz NMRs
  • UPLC/MS and GC/MS suites
  • Mass Directed AutoPurification
  • Analytical, semi-preparative and chiral chromatography
  • Analytical and semi-preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)

Phase appropriate analytical chemistry that accelerates your small molecule journey to the clinic

Navigate the realm of analytical chemistry seamlessly with our services, meticulously aligned with ICH guidelines. From method development to stability testing, we ensure compliance and reliability. Our analytical expertise guarantees accurate and reproducible results. Trust our commitment to quality and regulatory compliance to drive your success in drug development and beyond.

  • NMR
  • IR
  • PXRD
  • Mastersizer
  • KF
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