Endocrine toxicology

Concept Life Sciences provides tailored mechanistic investigations to expertly evaluate the potential of chemicals to disrupt endocrine signaling. Assays include both the OECD Tier 2 endocrine disruption and bespoke thyroid assays.

Assess, investigate and determine potential risks

Since 2001, we have specialized in conducting bespoke mechanistic toxicology investigations.
Our highly trained scientists have developed a unique suite of in vitro thyroid assays that are relevant to endocrine disruption according to current regulatory frameworks. These assays complement our innovative estrogen, androgen, thyroid and steroidogenic (EATS) assay offering.

All of our specialist services are designed, developed, and evaluated by highly skilled PhD level scientists, most with over a decade’s experience and expertise.
We can quickly assess the potential for chemicals to disrupt the endocrine system. To determine potential risks our experts will confidently interpret the results and design a bespoke investigative experimental program to comprehensively assess the effect of your compound on the endocrine system.

Endocrine disruption services

OECD Tier 2 assays

  • Androgen receptor (OECD 458)
  • Estrogen receptor (OECD 455)
  • Steroidogenesis (OECD 456)
  • Aromatase inhibition (OPPS.890.1200)

Bespoke thyroid hormone disruption endpoints

  • TPO inhibition (rat, dog, pig and human)
  • Inhibition of rat, dog and human deiodinase 1, 2 or 3
  • Sodium/iodide symporter inhibition (NIS)
  • Cross-species comparative induction of UGT gene expression
  • Thyroid Hormone Receptor inhibition, Human α and β isoforms

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