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Accelerate your Cell or Gene Therapy Product Development

Our new Platform employs state of the art techniques to provide detailed insights into the physical properties, payload, efficacy, mechanism of action and immunosafety of your therapeutic product. By seamlessly transitioning from biophysical characterisation, molecular content analysis through to cell-based assays, we offer an integrated approach to accelerate your therapeutic product development, ensuring thorough optimisation and efficacy assessment at every step of the journey.

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Connected expertise and services

A more in-depth view

Our In-CERT platform works by combining the below services to accelerate your Cell and Gene Therapy project: 

  • Physicochemical Characterisation - Assessing critical quality attributes of viral and non-viral vectors
  • Interaction Analysis & Structural Biology - Assessing affinity, kinetics, and structural information
  • Encapsulation Efficiency - Quantification of RNA content within lipid nanoparticles using the RiboGreen® assay
  • Transfection/Transduction Efficiency - Assessing your gene product expression in cellular models
  • Evaluating Gene Delivery in Primary Immune Cells - Utilise our expertise in primary immune cells to expedite your project
  • Measuring Immune Cell Activation - Evaluating the relationship between transfection efficiency and immune cell activation
  • In vitro Efficacy Studies - Measuring efficacy of your therapeutic approach through a series of human cell-based assays
  • Assessment of Adverse Immune Related Effects - Gain insight into your therapy product immune reactogenicity
  • Spatial biology- Assessment of treatment efficacy and optimisation of therapeutic protocols
Areas of Expertise & Key Capabilities 

We offer specialised services tailored to the unique needs of the Cell & Gene Therapy: 

To see how In-CERT can accelerate your Cell & Gene therapy product development, speak to one of our expert team by contacting us using the button below.

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