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Genetic Modification

Genetic modification plays a pivotal role in understanding gene function, unravelling disease mechanisms, and developing therapeutic interventions. This field encompasses various techniques, each serving unique purposes. Among these small RNA molecules such as short hairpin RNA (shRNA) and small interfering RNA (siRNA) are widely used tools for modulating gene expression.

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Connected expertise and services

Connected expertise and services

A more in-depth view

shRNA are synthetic RNA molecules designed to induce RNA interference (RNAi). shRNA can be expressed within cells, forming a hairpin structure that is processed into small interfering RNAs leading to their degradation and subsequent gene silencing. Commonly used to create stable cell lines with desired genetic modifications for long-term studies. 

siRNA are a class of double-stranded RNA molecules designed to specifically target and degrade complementary mRNA sequences. This mechanism allows for precise and transient gene silencing, making siRNA a valuable tool for functional genomics, drug target validation, and therapeutic development.

At Concept Life Sciences, we leverage these advanced genetic modification techniques to provide tailored solutions for your research needs. Whether you're exploring gene function, developing novel therapeutics, or conducting in-depth molecular biology studies, our Genetic Modification Services are designed to accelerate your discoveries.

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