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Bespoke Assay Development

Our bespoke biochemical assay development service offers a customized and precise approach to measuring specific biochemical interactions. Unlike off-the-shelf assays, which may lack specificity, our bespoke assays are meticulously designed to address the unique needs of your research project. This tailoring allows us to fine-tune parameters, ensuring optimal sensitivity and relevance to the biological context being investigated. The result is a highly targeted assay that provides accurate insights into the desired biochemical processes.

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Connected expertise and services

Connected expertise and services

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Thorough Understanding as the Foundation

The first crucial step in assay development involves a comprehensive understanding of your biological system or target of interest. This includes identifying key molecules, understanding their dynamics, and recognizing potential challenges or complexities. Armed with this knowledge, we can then design assay components, such as specific probes, substrates, or detection methods. This foundational understanding ensures that our assay not only captures the desired analyte but also minimizes interference from irrelevant factors, enhancing the reliability of results.

Customized Collaboration

Assay development is not a solitary endeavour as it requires a collaborative effort between our assay development experts, such as our biochemists and our molecular biologists. This interdisciplinary collaboration ensures that the assay design aligns seamlessly with both the biological context and the technical requirements for accurate and reproducible measurements.

Flexible Adaptability Across Samples

Bespoke biochemical assays stand out for their adaptability across diverse experimental conditions and sample types. Whether working with cell lysates, tissues, or complex biological fluids, the assay can be optimized to perform reliably. You can trust that our bespoke assays will maintain accuracy and sensitivity, regardless of the specific characteristics of the samples being analysed.

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