Molecular biology

At Concept Life Sciences we appreciate the importance of molecular biology in R&D and drug discovery. We have therefore expanded our molecular biology services to help you identify, evaluate, and validate your targets.
Our suite of molecular biology assays can be utilised to:
• Identify or discover new biomarkers as drug targets.
• Understand genetic variation and individual heterogeneity.
• Study the genetic influence on pharmacological action, adverse reactions, or drug metabolism.
• Elucidate the mechanism of action (MoA) of your drug.
• Validate and quantify previously identified biomarkers.

Our services

Our molecular biology services are designed to provide a robust pipeline from sample procurement through to end point data analysis across our therapeutic areas of expertise (Immunology, Immuno-oncology & Oncology, Neuroscience and Histology), while also providing a solution for bespoke programmes of work.
Our interdisciplinary team have a broad range of technical expertise and utilise state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide a service which can be specifically tailored to your project:

> RNA Isolation and Purification
High-quality RNA starting material is essential for numerous downstream molecular biology techniques. Using established protocols for high-throughput RNA isolation and purification we can obtain high-quality RNA from cells and tissue. Accurate quality and quantity measurements are achieved using fluorescent based assays (quantity) and Agilent® instrumentation (quality).

> Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
Understanding the effects of your test biologic or small molecule on gene expression can be a key component of your drug discovery program.
Our real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) service provides tailored gene expression analysis. Highly specific and sensitive, qPCR is a versatile high-throughput confirmatory method to validate and quantify gene expression of drug targets, PD markers, or predictive biomarkers, helping you better understand your compound or target and resolve the molecular MoA.
Our qPCR platform is designed to support drug discovery projects performed with both supplied samples, as well as high quality cellular and animal models, offering a complete in-house service from sample generation through to analysis.

> In-Situ Hybridisation
In-Situ Hybridisation (iSH) delivers RNA detection and visualization within intact tissue, providing morphological context. This enables the investigation of tissue distribution and localisation of drug targets or biomarkers in a highly specific and sensitive manner.
We provide high quality, high throughput, and reliable iSH services using RNAscope and BaseScope assays run on a fully automated Leica BOND autostainer. Interested in multiple targets? We can detect up to 4 RNA targets on the same tissue and are able to combine RNA and protein detection on a single slide.

> RNA-sequencing Library Preparation
RNA-sequencing is a powerful tool to study drug response and MoA, allowing interrogation of gene expression across the whole transcriptome. Whether unravelling how disease of interest develops, determining new therapeutic targets, dose optimisations, or understanding drug resistance. RNA-sequencing results in a systematic quantitative approach to interrogate the whole genome.
Our library preparation services are fully integrated with our other services (Immunology, Immuno-oncology & Oncology, Neuroscience, and Histology) enabling a seamless transition from your test substance treatment assays or biopsy tissues to library preparation and bioinformatic analysis.

> Single-Cell Assays
Single-cell technologies are transforming our understanding of cellular heterogeneity and performs an important role in decerning gene expression patterns at a cell-by-cell level. Single-cell technologies can: aid in target identification through increased resolution of cell subtypes; understanding the heterogeneity of biomarker expression; facilitate the study of drug responses and MoA between different cell types; and permit characterisation and selection of pre-clinical disease models.
Through use of our 10X Genomics Chromium Controller™ we can offer a range of single-cell based assays including Gene Expression, Immune Profiling, and ATAC-Seq. We have extensive experience in processing samples for single-cell and single-nuclei analysis and can assist you in identifying the best assay for your research.

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