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Biophysics Flyer

Concept Life Sciences leads the way in biophysicsics, offering a spectrum of cutting-edge tools for drug discovery and development. Our teams, equipped with the latest technologies, guide you seamlessly from hit-finding to API characterization. Protein production and structural analysis thrive through strategic partnerships, delivering high-quality recombinant targets across expression systems. In structural characterization, we excel in crystallization screening, macromolecular X-ray crystallography, ligand soaking, co-crystallization, and Cryo-EM. Interaction analysis, a forte in our biophysicsical arsenal, spans the drug discovery process, offering mechanistic, structural, kinetic, and thermodynamic profiles. As a contract research and manufacturing organization, we extend our expertise from concept to clinic, providing comprehensive solutions in biophysicsics. Our development services encompass a broad spectrum of analytical solutions, covering protein and biologics characterization, viral analysis, and formulation stability assessment. With a suite of cutting-edge capabilities including SPR, ITC, DSC, SEC-MALS, DLS/ELS, GCI, DSF, MST, and NTA, Concept Life Sciences propels your scientific endeavors to new heights.

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