Smoke and Mirrors?

I noticed with great interest the announcement that the MHRA have decided that E-Cigarettes will from 2016 be regulated as Medicines. – see

Agenda 1 have been at the fore front of analysing these products, and indeed cigarette smoke itself for a number of years. Speaking personally, I have observed a good deal of variability in the ingredients and formulations for such products, and marvelled that they were been marketed in such an unregulated way.

Some companies in this field have already approached us to support the development of certificates of analysis for their products, and in we have been happy to support them. The analysis of nicotine is often challenging as it is a relatively unstable molecule (compared to many products) so the analytical techniques applied need to be carefully considered.

We look forward to working with companies in this area, as from our research into the range of chemicals in tobacco smoke, compared to those seen in E-cigarettes, I can understand the potential health benefits of using this delivery route.