Our team is well-orchestrated in providing a lean hit-to-lead transition.

We work closely with each client to define their Target Lead Criteria and build a purposeful screening cascade allowing the efficient triage of compounds. This enables us to design and apply a strategy for the optimization of biological activity, selectivity and the pharmacokinetic profiling of screening hits.

We combine cutting-edge drug discovery tools with a lean program management ethos to deliver >2 distinct lead series matching customer-agreed Target Lead Criteria within as little as 6 months.


Our capabilities

Expeditious Design-Make-Test-Analyze cycle

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Bespoke and purposeful screening cascade
  • High-throughput biological/ADMET triage
  • Lean and flexible use of resources

Data-driven SAR optimization – every molecule counts

  • Hypothesis-driven ideation empowered by CADD
  • 96-well high-throughput synthesis platform for rapid exploration of chemical space
  • Multiparameter optimization

A comprehensive package for Lead selection

  • Continual monitoring of progress vs Target Lead Criteria
  • Early monitoring of critical toxicity endpoints
  • Ascertain in vivo PK predictions through IV/IV correlation studies
  • Regular in vivo PK studies, including relevant tissue readouts

Want to find out more?

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