Hit identification

Selecting the right hit identification campaign will put your program on the track to success.

At Concept Life Sciences, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality science both inside and outside the laboratory. Each program is unique, so as part of our drug discovery services, we carry out a thorough assessment of the biological target, advise on the most appropriate hit identification strategies for you, and provide expert guidance every step of the way.

We offer a range of hit identification services for both novel and well-validated targets:

Knowledge-based SBDD & LBDD

The most widely-used hit identification strategy for fast-follower approaches.

Our medicinal and computational chemists exploit published and proprietary information on the protein structure and known ligands to derive innovative chemical start points.

Virtual HTS

This cost-efficient strategy maximizes recent technological advances in computational chemistry and showcases the enhanced performance enabled by AI methodology.

Our CADD team designs bespoke in silico workflows to identify virtual hits from large commercial collections. In vitro confirmation and ADMET profiling provide high-quality hits in a matter of weeks from start to finish.

Fragment screening

A lean strategy to identify chemical start points for all biological targets including those that are difficult-to-drug.

Our in vitro biology labs are equipped with state-of-the-art biophysical instrumentation enabling the rapid screening of our proprietary Biophysical Fragment collection.

Medium throughput screening

A proven strategy for novel biological targets.

We combine our liquid handling technology and biophysical/biochemical screening expertise to screen up to 25,000 compounds from commercial and proprietary compound collections.

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