ADMET and DMPK services

Tailored ADME testing approach

Early characterization of New Chemical Entities (NCE) through DMPK ADME assays allows you to mitigate any potential issues and predict likely in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) properties. A tailored ADME testing approach aids in the design and selection of candidate drugs with properties that have the required efficacy and safety for clinical use.

Why Choose Our Services

Concept Life Sciences’ ADMET team provide complete absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity validated screening services to the most recent globally recommended guidelines. We can also support each stage of an in vivo PK and bioanalysis study from inception to final report.

The ADME team emphasize the value of time and resource at project initiation to accelerate design cycles and help make informed decisions. Our CRO services are well positioned to meet the needs of our client’s whether they require rapid data turnaround from routine screens, or customized assays for challenging molecules.

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