Materials characterization

Analytical expertise with market-leading technological innovation

Complete materials characterization is critical at all stages of drug formulation, development and manufacturing to ensure regulatory approval.

By blending analytical expertise with market-leading technological innovation, we provide a flexible and scalable materials characterization service that is much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Our services enable drug developers to:

  • Rapidly identify drug candidates that meet the requirements for bioavailability and processibility.
  • Accelerate drug development timelines, reduce risks and ensure drugs are regulatory-review ready.

The challenge

As we develop more complex drugs to tackle unchecked diseases, it’s harder to fully characterize these compounds. Just one small parameter, like particle size, can have big impacts when it comes to bioavailability, uniformity, stability and processability. And these parameters can become safety issues and manufacturing barriers

Whether you’re working with pharmaceutical intermediaries, APIs, excipients or final formulations, characterization is key. But as compounds become more complex and regulatory requirements more multifaceted, assays require more cutting-edge equipment and in-depth analytical expertise.

It can be hard to handle complex characterization in-house, especially amid a shifting regulatory landscape. Missing out on particle size, morphology or physicochemical information could cause big issues when it comes to production or regulatory sign-off stages.

The solution

We start with your what. Considering the intended delivery and purpose of your drug candidate, what do you need to know to find the most promising candidates and get them to market faster? And then we work from there, bringing in the knowledge and tools to fully define every drug candidate, API, excipient or final formulation. We work flexibly and closely with your in-house team, scaling our work to fit your needs.

We provide integrated solutions where knowledge and technology meet to deliver optimal insight. Our analytical scientists are armed with years of specialist knowledge and have access to the very latest in cutting-edge equipment and techniques, leaving no characteristic undefined.

We don’t shy away from the trickier characterizations

Discover how dynamic light scattering helped our client better characterize adeno-associated viruses for gene therapy.

By combining analyst expertise with cutting-edge technology, we’ve made materials characterization a drug development enabler. We’ve helped countless clients get their products to market faster through a deeper understanding of their drug profile. Find out how we can help you.