High content imaging

Automatic and quality imaging

Through the utilization of state-of-art equipment, Concept Life Sciences offers a wide range of high content imaging.

Through the Whole Slide Multispectral Imaging, the 3D High Resolution and time-lapse multi-well acquisition, combined with AI deep learning image analysis technology, Concept Life Science can offer it all.

The automated microscopy systems allow high-resolution acquisition of fluorescent and brightfield images of

  • any tissue type
  • any tissue microarray
  • cell culture in any plate type

Unique 2D and 3D image analysis platform complements the high-quality imaging systems, therefore Concept Life Sciences offers the full comprehensive package of any study.

Automated quantitative whole slide multispectral imaging

Through the utilization of the PhenoImager HT , Concept Life Sciences offers brightfield and fluorescence whole-slide scanning in an automated high-throughput system. Through the use of Akoya’s state-of-the-art MOTiF™ technology combined with their Opal Polaris reagent kit, the whole slide multispectral imaging capability creates a simpler and more robust workflow, ideal for clinical pathological analysis.

Moreover, the system allows high-resolution scanning of any tissue selection, including TMAs, labeled with any immunofluorescent (IF) or immunohistochemical (IHC) stains.

High resolution 3D multi-well imaging

Concept Life Sciences offers high-resolution imaging achieved through coupling quality optics on Leica wide-field microscope with their Thunder computational clearing. This enables high-speed, high-quality 3D imaging with a camera-based system and without out-of-focus blur.

Moreover, this technology can be applied to multi-well plates and provide an automated image capture, as well as quick and efficient image tiling allowing capture of a full well. This system is perfect for any cell culture-based assays and novel 3D organoid and tumoroid acquisition.

Microscope image analysis and marker quantification

Concept Life Science offers a wide range of image analysis solutions to complex research projects. Utilization of Arivis image analysis platform allows comprehensive addition to the microscope imaging systems.

Microscope image analysis with Concept Life Sciences ensures:

  • high quality data
  • 2D, 3D and 4D visualization, annotation and analysis
  • analysis of immunofluorescent (IF) or immunohistochemical (IHC) stains
  • AI and deep learning solutions to complex problems
  • semi-automatic/manual segmentation and tracking
  • batch processing
  • data sharing for collaboration

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