Our approach

Expert knowledge, collaboration, flexibility and extensive in-house resources

We offer a comprehensive range of discovery and development services and analytical solutions across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical sectors. Our services are built on expert knowledge, collaboration, flexibility and extensive in-house resources.

Integrating drug discovery and development, we use state-of-the-art chemistry and translational biology techniques, combined with enhanced analytical methods to optimise leads. We connect this with our world-leading process R&D and analytical services to find safe, efficient, sustainable and scalable routes to take your candidate from bench to clinic.

We provide world class solutions focused on synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry (GLP), ADMET services and, investigative and exploratory toxicology, including endocrine disruptors assays and expert support to the crop protection, chemicals and consumer products sectors.

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Our multi-disciplinary teams mitigate risk by employing knowledge, foresight and thought leadership to all our client’s diverse programs enabling the highest chance of success. Get in touch to find out how we can support you.