Metabolites and standards

Concept Life Sciences’ highly skilled chemists are able to quickly produce complex analytical standards, metabolites and impurities as required for testing across a number of sectors. This synthetic expertise is supported by extensive cutting-edge analytical instrumentation from our dedicated analytical scientists.

Complex chemical synthesis

Over 85% of our dedicated chemists are educated to PhD level, have diverse industrial experience and excel in problem solving and synthesizing difficult to access compounds. With decades of experience within the group, they have worked on multiple FTE programs for global R&D organizations. You can rely on our highly trained scientists to overcome your complex challenges and lead you to success.

Our superb facilities and technical equipment capabilities enable us to handle complex or urgent projects with ease. We pride ourselves on high quality, transparency and data integrity to offer you true expertise and collaboration.

We routinely devise novel routes to produce difficult to access compounds and are able to synthesize stable isotopically labeled (SIL) compounds. We typically handle 2H, 13C and 15N but can also incorporate 18O.

When designing a synthesis we take into account lability, the most appropriate time to introduce the label(s) and the location of label(s) [for metabolic or mechanistic studies].

Complex chemical entities that can be used as analytical reference compounds, metabolites or impurity profiling, can be synthesized to your specification, typically at high purity, using the latest innovative methodologies and specialist equipment.

With specialized expertise, purification and analytical support these molecules could be natural products, contain numerous chiral centers or, as we possess the required licenses, controlled substances.

Our services and capabilities

Analytical services

  • SFC
  • NMR
  • GCMS
  • Countercurrent chromatography
  • IR
  • DSC
  • Chiral LC
  • Prep HPLC
  • Automated purification

Chemical capabilities

  • Chiral synthesis
  • Stable isotopically labeled synthesis (SIL)
  • Photoredox chemistry
  • High pressure chemistry (including hydrogenation and carbonylation)
  • Flow Chemistry

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