Analytical & physicochemical studies (GLP)

Concept Life Sciences is a specialist CRO service provider offering comprehensive physico-chemical testing, storage stability and method validation studies to the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

We guide you seamlessly through the physico-chemical property measurement testing process via our passionate experts and cutting-edge facilities.

Dedicated experts and facilities providing essential physico-chemical property data

As part of Concept’s analytical capabilities, we provide services for Physico-Chemical testing, storage stability and method validation. Our highly-skilled team has decades of experience designing and delivering studies tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

We offer a wide range of studies to meet client requirements, suitable for worldwide submission according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards and OECD principles.

To attain regulatory compliance we can confidently satisfy all regulatory requirements, including:

  • REACH testing
  • Biocides
  • SANCO requirements and South America

Our highly trained scientists are committed to providing meaningful results, connecting science and customizing solutions. As a solution provider, we can design and tailor studies to your individual requirements.

With an extensive range of sophisticated analytical equipment available to support these studies, we also continue to invest in expanding our innovative portfolio of instrumentation and integrated solutions to quickly provide you with the results you need.

Our specialist instrumentation includes all typical chromatography aspects, spectroscopy, including NMR and many other scientific techniques.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide technical data such as identity, purity and impurity profiles which are important when planning testing and can be used to quantify physico-chemical tests.

Our capabilities

Physico-chemical capabilities

  • Physico-chemical testing to OECD guidelines
  • Storage Stability (various temperatures and humidities)
  • Cipac Methods
  • Method validation
  • Agrochemical formulation testing
  • EEC methods
  • Melting point/Boiling Point
  • Density
  • Surface tension
  • Water Solubility
  • Partition Coefficient
  • Flash Point
  • Adsorption Coefficient
  • Dissociation Constant
  • Hydrolysis as a function of pH
  • 5 Batch Analysis

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