Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) testing

The ever increasing requirement for waste recycling rather than disposal together with searches for cheaper energy, government incentivisation and legislation changes are driving an increasing demand for RDF and SRF testing across the UK.
A wide range of materials, previously regarded as waste, are now used as fuel enabling highly taxed disposal via landfill to be avoided. Materials include: paper, card, carpets, textiles, timber, plastics and dried manure. Incineration of such materials at Energy from Waste plants and other applications such as usage in cement manufacturing processes, Gasification or Pyrolysis plants provides a much more cost effective and Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Control of emissions during the combustion process is vital to the compliance of the Energy from Waste plant to enable it to operate within the limits of its Environment Agency operating permit.

While extensive air pollution control equipment is fitted to the plant to enable it to accept RDF and SRF, it is vital that the potential of the fuel to cause pollution is monitored by prior testing. Also, the calorific value of the fuel needs to be known as this controls its monetary value.

WRAP (Waste Resource Action Program) has produced a quality protocol for RDF/SRF. Material which complies with this specification is no longer regarded as waste therefore expensive waste management licensing is thereby avoided.
SAL has one of the most extensive and diverse ranges of analytical capability of any Environmental Laboratory in the UK. After significant investment, this capability has recently been expanded to encompass testing of RDF and SRF materials.
Already having the capability to perform testing of Bio-aerosols, H2S, Odour, Landfill Wastes, Landfill Leachates, Landfill Gas and Hazarrdous Waste Assessment as well as Traditional Soils, Waters, Air Emissions and Food, this relatively new service compliments the multitude of testing available to our clients and allows SAL to be truly a ‘One Stop Shop’ for the provision of all your testing requirements.