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Cancer is a complex multifaceted disease with an array of traits or “hallmarks[TB1] ” which can be targeted by different therapeutic approaches. Concept Life Sciences experienced scientists and our suite of services help you progress your oncology research program.

Delivering bespoke programs of work to support you

Concept’s extensive expertise and consultative approach to oncology drug discovery ensures a customised, robust program for our clients. We can deliver a tailored, focused study or a fully integrated program to clinical candidate by being an extension of your team. We can deliver bespoke programs of work to support a precision medicine approach through direct tumour targeting, investigate combination therapy or understand the effects of modifying the tumour micro-environment (TME).

Our scientific team have world-leading experience in in vitro immunology, specialised multiplex histology and chemistry to support and underpin your oncology pipeline.

At Concept, we tailor our team and approach to each client project and can support your program from identification of a small molecule hit, bespoke screening cascade design and execution, medicinal chemistry optimisation through to API GMP manufacture, bioanalysis and patient biomarker assessment in clinic. We also work on alternative modalities such as ADCs, PROTACs and non-small molecule drug discovery approaches.

Our Oncology services include:

  • Bespoke assay and screening cascade development
  • High content phenotypic profiling
  • Biophysical expertise including novel MOAs
  • TME studies and translational assays including in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo screening of compounds for their ability to drive phenotypic and functional immune cell changes
  • Target gene and protein expression in healthy and diseased tissue
  • Biomarker/patient selection strategies
  • PROTACs, ADCs and small molecule drug discovery
  • Medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry and computational chemistry
  • ADMET screening, bioanalysis and PK assessments
  • Process research and development, API GMP manufacture and supporting analytical services

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Concept’s biology department offers a wide-range of biochemical, biophysical and cellular assays using both industry-standard and innovative technologies to support drug discovery projects from target discovery to lead optimisation.

Specialist histology

Concept’s expert histology team has the experience, skill and specialist equipment to provide fast turnaround times on routine histology while delivering on technically demanding, customised multiplex projects.

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Concept provides a comprehensive range of synthesis services to the pharmaceutical industry and academic life science sectors and can design and expedite routes to even the most challenging of targets.