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Concept Life Sciences has a strong background in neuroscience and extensive academic links to leading research groups in the field.

World-leading experts in the research of multiple sclerosis

Concept Life Sciences offers a consultative approach and a suite of customisable assays for investigating CNS (central nervous system) test compounds, including specialist histology readouts as well as ADME services and ensuring a comprehensive, tailored CNS program. We gather robust data to drive confident decision making throughout your CNS drug discovery and development pipeline.

We have world-leading experts in the research of multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that requires understanding of immunology, inflammation and neuroscience. We can provide end-to-end support for MS drug discovery through in vitro OPC (Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells) assays and our ex vivo slice model, a powerful screening and translational tool as well as lead compound assessment in our in vivo EAE, cuprizone and LPS MS models.

At Concept, our experienced Neuroscience team offer specialist discovery services to clients looking to develop novel therapies for a range of neurodegenerative conditions. We can tailor and develop neuroprotective screening assays to discover the mechanism of action of your drug candidate, with customised assays targeting neurons themselves and/or the supportive glial cells in isolation or co-culture.

We are developing a range of neurotoxicity services, including developmental neurotoxicity assays (DNT), using our pluripotent stem cell and primary CNS cell-based assay platforms that can support Pharma and non-Pharma clients in their regulatory and safety requirements.

Our Capabilities

  • Primary CNS cell-based assays
  • Ex vivo brain slice assays
  • Human iPSC CNS disease models
  • RNA and protein based multiplex histology services
  • Brain penetrant and receptor occupancy services
  • Neurotoxicity assays

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Concept Life Sciences’ ADME teams place a high value on client communication during all phases of a study. We engage with clients at each stage of the process to deliver high quality and timely data whether it be a discovery-phase screen or a complex and unique in vivo study.


Concept Life Sciences provides a comprehensive range of identification and validation solutions for endogenous small molecules, DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers. With expertise in tissue analysis as well as biofluids, we will help you get the time-critical data you require to meet your specific goals whether it be a discovery projects or a clinical trial.


Concept Life Sciences provides bioanalytical support through the entire paradigm of discovery pharmacokinetics (PK) to clinical proof of concept studies. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in developing and customising chromatographic methods for the quantitative determination of small and large molecules.