Safety pharmacology

Concept Life Sciences offers discovery and development safety pharmacology studies and programs through its partnerships with well established and audited suppliers.

Extensive track record

Concept has an extensive track record in the design and delivery of complex integrated projects including safety pharmacology at the discovery or development stages.

The safety pharmacology studies and programs we deliver are usually integrated into wider discovery and development integrated projects and are managed internally by our experts. We, with our partners, have particular expertise in:

  • Cardio-vascular safety pharmacology
  • Respiratory safety pharmacology
  • Central nervous system safety pharmacology
  • Mechanistic and investigative safety pharmacology

Our scientific and regulatory expertise helps in designing a risk-based approach strategy for the success of safety pharmacology projects.

We have access to a network of well-established internal and external experts who offer advice and help guide our safety pharmacology services.

Safety pharmacology capabilities

In vitro and in vivo cardiovascular safety assessment

  • Solutions for lead optimisation and safety de-risking strategy

ICH Core Battery test (compliance with ICH S7 guidelines)

  • Cardiovascular system
    • chronically instrumented conscious canine, nonhuman primate, and mini pig models using radiotelemetry
  • Respiratory system
    • rodent whole body and head-out plethysmography
    • arterial blood gas in nonhuman primates
  • Central nervous system
    • modified Irwin test in rodents and nonhuman primates
    • automated behavioural assessment in nonhuman primates
  • Combination cardiovascular/respiratory
    • anesthetized canine and nonhuman primate models