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Synthetic chemistry

Concept Life Sciences provides a diverse range of synthesis services to the pharmaceutical sector and academic life sciences community. Our synthetic expertise is supported by extensive analytical instrumentation and our dedicated analytical team.

Highly experienced in the synthesis of novel organic compounds

Concept uses modern techniques and methodologies to design novel routes to challenging targets and can access complex molecules including natural products containing numerous chiral centres.

Our team is highly experienced in the synthesis of novel organic compounds and we offer milligram to kilogram synthesis for APIs, intermediates, reference compounds, focused libraries, stable isotopically labelled compounds, scaffolds, building blocks, ADCs, PROTACs, peptides, SAR analogues, drug metabolites and impurities.

We offer flexibility in our services, delivering on a project-by-project basis or as part of a long-standing collaboration where our chemists integrate with your team and provide responsive synthetic design according to your needs.

Concept’s chemists have expertise in several specialist areas:

The safe handling and modification of small molecule natural products

  • Bioconjugation and ADC synthesis supported by our comprehensive ADC characterisation services
  • Nucleoside and nucleotide synthesis
  • PROTAC synthesis and characterisation supported by our analytical team.
  • Analogue preparation in library format to support SAR campaigns for medicinal chemistry programs
  • Process Research and Development to optimise suitable scalable routes for API manufacture

We support and drive projects in these areas for a wide variety of clients that include world leading academic institutions, virtual start-ups, globally renowned organisations and international research bodies.

Synthetic chemistry technologies

  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Stable isotopically labelled synthesis
  • ADC synthesis
  • Bioconjugation
  • Nucleoside & nucleotide synthesis
  • PROTAC synthesis
  • Process Research and Development (PR&D)
  • API synthesis
  • Scale-up chemistry
  • Green chemistry
  • High pressure chemistry up to 7.8L (including hydrogenation and carbonylation)
  • Flow Chemistry
  • Photoredox chemistry
  • Ozonolysis
  • Microwave assisted synthesis
  • Prep HPLC
  • Automated purification
  • NMR
  • GCMS
  • LCMS
  • Counter current chromatography
  • IR
  • DSC
  • Chiral LC
  • SFC
  • GPC

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Analytical chemistry

Concept Life Sciences has world leading capability in analytical services. All our chemistry labs are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical capability to support chemical synthesis, lead candidate development, and batch release testing of APIs and finished products.

Medicinal chemistry

Concept Life Sciences has one of the largest chemistry groups in the UK working from state-of-the-art facilities and offering a comprehensive medicinal chemistry service to our clients.


Concept Life Sciences has one of the largest, most skilled and experienced chemistry groups in the UK. We have over 25 years’ experience in the synthesis of novel organic compounds with the majority of our chemists educated to PhD level.