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Custom assay

Concept Life Sciences has extensive experience in the use of a wide range of in vitro assays (biochemical, biophysical and cellular including immune-cell based) for proof-of-concept, screening, characterisation and validation of compounds and biologics

Target discovery all the way to candidate selection

Concept specialises in developing novel approaches and bespoke assays to support clients in progression of their drug discovery programs from target discovery all the way to candidate selection.

We can provide a solution whether it is an assay transfer, or the development of a novel, complex cellular assay for a challenging target.

Pre-defined and custom assay development

Biologists at Concept Life Sciences have many years’ experience of supporting drug discovery programs through the development and validation of science-led, cost-effective in vitro assays.

Concept has worked across numerous therapeutic areas, and with a large variety of target classes, to develop robust, scalable assays that have driven projects forward. We are able to quickly evaluate clients’ pre-defined assays and if required, make recommendations to optimise those assays. We will also propose novel approaches and develop and validate bespoke assays where appropriate, particularly when commercially available kits or off-the-shelf options are unavailable.

Our biologists understand your scientific objectives and undertake careful iterative evaluation of all relevant parameters during development to ensure delivery of an extremely robust and well validated assay. A wide range of readouts can be utilised to further customise the approach to our clients. Custom assays can be used either as stand-alone tests, as part of a screening cascade or as a MOA discovery program.

Important factors we take into consideration during assay development include:

  • Stability, availability and cost of reagents
  • Availability and suitability of control compounds
  • Can the assay be scaled down and automated?
  • Liquid handling QC and robustness
  • Constant monitoring of important assay robustness parameters such as Z’, signal window, DMSO tolerance, signal stability
  • False positive and false negative liability

We prioritise client engagement throughout the assay development stage to ensure the final assay format meets development, budgetary and time requirements.

Due to our comprehensive list of technologies we are able to assess not only compound potency and efficacy but also target affinity, the kinetics and thermodynamics of the interaction, selectivity and mechanism of action.