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Biochemical assays

Concept Life Sciences’ biology department have extensive experience in developing and validating biochemical assays, performing both client assay-transfer programs or off-the-shelf assays from commercial vendors. We deliver high-quality, consistent, cost-effective assay data to our clients with an emphasis on fast and efficient turnaround times.

Concept’s knowledge of assay development gained over many years within the pharmaceutical industry allows us to develop, optimise and validate bespoke high-quality biochemical assays during any part of the drug discovery process.

Our biology team have first-hand industry experience in discovering new drugs across a broad range of therapeutic areas and biological target classes. With this knowledge, and our broad range of expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas and target classes, we are able to recommend to our clients the most suitable biochemical assays to incorporate into their screening cascades.

Working collaboratively at each stage of the drug discovery pipeline

We offer a wide-range of biochemical assays using both industry-standard and innovative technologies to support drug discovery projects from hit finding to lead optimisation.

The biology team is dedicated to working collaboratively at each stage of the drug discovery pipeline. Our clients interact directly with bench biologists and work collaboratively with us to ensure the best possible outcome for their drug discovery program.

Additionally, we have particular expertise in cellular, phenotypic and biophysical assays that, alongside the biochemical assays, allow us to build robust and informative screening cascades for any drug discovery project.


  • Target classes

    Enzymes (including kinases, ATPases, proteases, phosphatases etc), membrane proteins, GPCRs, epigenetic proteins, nuclear receptors, ion channels, protein-protein interactions.

  • Readouts

    Luminescence, absorbance, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarisation, AlphaScreen®, FRET, TR-FRET, BRET, HTRF, NanoBRET.™

  • Technology platforms

    96, 384 and 1536 plate layouts, digital dispensing, automated pipetting instrumentation, multi-modal readouts, label-free screening, biosafety level 2 containment.

Specialist capabilities

Concept Life Science’s biology team has expertise in developing highly robust enzyme assays, a key capability in many drug discovery programs.

We have many years’ experience in enzymology and enzyme assay optimisation; particularly important when considering which form of the enzyme will be most appropriate for the assay (e.g. activation state, post translational modification state, construct design etc.). In addition to quantifying effects on enzyme activity we can also measure binding kinetics and determine mechanism of inhibition, thus delivering comprehensive compound profiling to aid progression of a drug discovery program.

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Biophysical assays

Concept's biology department is renowned for its biophysical assay development, screening and data interpretation. Extensive biophysical assay expertise gained within leading pharma allows us to employ the most appropriate biophysical techniques for any given target.

Immune and cell-based assays

Concept Life Sciences develop robust in vitro immune and cell-based assays for proof-of-concept, screening and mechanism of action studies using project relevant primary cells or immortalised cell line models.

Gene expression

Concept Life Sciences combines state-of-the-art technologies with a customised service offering to meet gene expression requirements. Offered as a stand-alone service or as a flexible, tailored readout to one of our immune cell-based assays.