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Discovery bioanalysis

Concept Life Sciences' highly experienced scientists work closely with you to ensure appropriate bioanalytical techniques are used to maximise data generation and ensure your timelines are met.

Tailored Bioanalytical requirements to support your studies

We tailor bioanalytical requirements to support your studies depending on what data is prescribed. This may include limit of quantification, potential distribution into tissues or retrospective metabolite profiling (use of High-Resolution Accurate Mass).

If needed, we can rapidly perform method feasibility studies to provide an indication of how complex a bioanalytical method may need to be to support the in vivo study. Alternatively, such feasibility studies can help drive the in vivo design to ensure all necessary data can be collected without bioanalytical limitations.

Discovery bioanalytical services
  • Rapid PK studies
  • ‘Cold’ Tissue Distribution support
  • Method Feasibility if required
  • Application of High-Resolution Accurate Mass technology for retrospective data mining.
  • PK data analysis (WinNonlin) available
  • Microsampling techniques (DBS, CMS, VAMS and Blood/Water) fully supported
Instrumentation and techniques
  • Sciex 6500 and Waters TQS Triple Quadrupoles
  • Sciex QTrap® 6500+ with MRM3 capability for enhanced specificity
  • Waters GS-XS QTof for High Resolution Accurate Mass
  • SelexION™ differential ion mobility technology for increased specificity
  • 2D-ExionLC with multi-dimensional chromatography for increased selectivity
  • On-line radiochemical detection, UV, and GC-MS/FID for analytical support of compounds not amenable to LC-MS/MS
  • Chiral Chromatography
  • Metabolite and multi-analyte methodologies
  • Surrogate peptide approaches in support of large molecule bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS (Proteins, ADCs, etc.)
  • Oligonucleotide analysis

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We develop, optimise and validate cellular, biochemical and biophysical assays throughout the whole drug discovery process and deliver high-quality, consistent, cost-effective assay data to our clients with an emphasis on fast and efficient turnaround times.


Concept Life Sciences provides a comprehensive range of identification and validation solutions for endogenous small molecules, DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers. With expertise in tissue analysis as well as biofluids, we will help you get the time-critical data you require to meet your specific goals whether it be a discovery projects or a clinical trial.

Pharmaceutical toxicology

Concept Life Sciences has an extensive track record in the design, performance and interpretation of preclinical investigative mechanistic, exploratory and predictive (discovery) toxicology programs. These programs are typically intended to identify the toxicological mode of action/adverse outcome pathway affected by the compound in question.