In vitro ADME screening

Concept Life Science’s in vitro ADME team has significant expertise in a wide range of screening experiments, appreciate the need for rapid sample turn around, and provide high quality data.

Supporting the early assessment of compounds

Concept Life Sciences offers a wide range of in vitro screens to support the early assessment of compounds. These services include test item characterisation, as well as an evaluation of physiochemical properties, permeability, tissue binding, metabolism, and drug-drug interactions.

Our teams work collaboratively with clients to select or customise suitable experiments in order to appropriately characterise compounds and we have the capability to run in vitro assays to regulatory standards where required.

Liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry is often our most commonly used method of quantitative analysis, however, for those classes of compound not amenable to LC-MS/MS, we can also support liquid chromatography with UV or radio chemical detection and gas chromatography with mass spectrometric or flame ionisation detection.

Our liquid handling and automated data management systems support high compound throughput, enabling us to partner with clients to accelerate discovery programs. We can commit to ongoing programs of work and support regular routine screens with timely data delivery.

We also understand that some challenging classes of compounds are not always suited to automated high throughput screening and may require additional controls and considerations.

For these instances we have the capability to work under red light, in closed systems, or in glassware (thus minimising non-specific compound binding to plastics).

In addition to small molecule evaluation, we offer services for quantification and characterisation of peptide and protein biotherapeutics. We have established methodology for the absolute quantification of peptides and, by the surrogate peptide method, proteins by LC-MS/MS. This can be applied in a variety of biological matrices.

For more information about our core assays please click on the downloadable assay cards below. In addition to our core assays, we offer clients the option of customised assay design within a completely confidential service.

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In Vivo ADME

Concept Life Science’s in vivo ADME scientists engage with clients to help design the most appropriate study format tailored to our clients' requirements. In life phases are delivered through our trusted partners and the samples are then returned to Concept Life Sciences for bioanalytical, biotransformation or histological assessments.

Metabolite Profiling and Identification

With over 60 years’ experience in biotransformation, Concept Life Sciences is the partner to support all your metabolite profiling and identification requirements. From eliminating metabolic ‘soft spots’ in support of early stage discovery activities to first in human/patient clinical studies to ensure in all in vivo human metabolites have safety coverage, our team has significant expertise in designing and interpretation of biotransformation data.


Concept Life Sciences’ ADME teams place a high value on client communication during all phases of a study. We engage with clients at each stage of the process to deliver high quality and timely data whether it be a discovery-phase screen or a complex and unique in vivo study.