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Concept Life Sciences’ ADME teams place a high value on client communication during all phases of a study. We engage with clients at each stage of the process to deliver high quality and timely data whether it be a discovery-phase screen or a complex and unique in vivo study.

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Early assessment of compounds through to regulatory bioanalysis

Concept offers a wide range of in vitro screens, in vivo DMPK bioanalysis techniques and metabolite analyses services to support the early assessment of compounds, through to regulatory bioanalysis appropriate for submission to authorities.

Our in vitro services include test item characterisation, as well as an evaluation of physiochemical properties, permeability, tissue binding, metabolism, and drug-drug interactions. The ADME team can also support each stage of an in vivo project from inception to final report.

Concept manages established, routine screens with high compound throughput via our liquid handling and automated data management systems. We typically employ protein precipitation for rapid sample processing but are also experienced with more complex sample extraction techniques, such as liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase extraction and chemical derivatisation.

We support a range of analytical techniques and tailor our service to the particular needs of each project. Most frequently, our method of quantitative analysis for samples is liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry. Assay acceptance criteria are decided in collaboration with our clients at study initiation as a standard procedure.

In addition to small molecule evaluation, we can offer support biotherapeutics. These include peptides, oligonucleotides and surrogate peptide quantification by LC-MS/MS for larger protein based modalities. For more complex classes of therapeutics, such as antibody drug conjugates, we also offer characterisation and quantification of via combined ligand binding, LC-MS/MS and high resolution accurate mass analysis.

Our ADME team emphasises the value of time and resource at project initiation to ensure we understand our clients’ needs as fully as possible and can suggest the most appropriate approaches and experiments.

Quick-turnaround data

Concept is well positioned to meet the needs of our clients whether they require quick-turnaround data from routine screens, or customised assays for analytically challenging molecules.

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