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Concept Life Sciences has a successful track record in the pharmaceutical industry providing a comprehensive range of services across the drug discovery and development process.  

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From concept to clinic, we enable your science. We are innovative and technologically equipped to consistently solve our clients’ needs to deliver value driven programs that progress compounds to their next milestone and beyond.

Our multi-disciplinary teams mitigate risk by employing knowledge, foresight and thought leadership to all our client’s diverse programs enabling the highest chance of success.

Integrated drug discovery and development

Concept Life Sciences discovery platform was designed with contemporary drug discovery in mind. Our critical disciplines are co-located in modern, well equipped laboratories supported by advanced analytical and quality management capabilities to expedite the development of our client’s small molecule and biologics based therapeutics regardless of target class or therapeutic area.

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Therapeutic area expertise

From bench-to-bedside, Concept Life Sciences has extensive experience in providing immunology, oncology and neuroscience CRO services to clients discovering and developing treatments for translational research.

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Concept Life Sciences has one of the largest, most skilled and experienced chemistry groups in the UK. We have over 25 years’ experience in the synthesis of novel organic compounds with the majority of our chemists educated to PhD level.

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GMP manufacturing and release

Concept Life Sciences offers flexible and agile process development and commercial manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe. We reliably supply drug substance API from gram to Kilogram quantities in modern fully GMP compliant facilities to support your stability, formulation and toxicology studies as well as clinical trials. Alongside our manufacturing capabilities, Concept Life Sciences possesses extensive analytical capabilities to support characterisation, batch release, and storage stability.

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Concept Life Sciences’ ADME teams place a high value on client communication during all phases of a study. We engage with clients at each stage of the process to deliver high quality and timely data whether it be a discovery-phase screen or a complex and unique in vivo study.

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Concept Life Sciences biology team has first-hand industry experience in the discovery of new drugs across a broad range of therapeutic areas and biological target classes.

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Concept Life Sciences provides a comprehensive range of identification and validation solutions for endogenous small molecules, DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers. With expertise in tissue analysis as well as biofluids, we will help you get the time-critical data you require to meet your specific goals whether it be a discovery projects or a clinical trial.

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Specialist histology

Concept Life Sciences offers a complete range of routine and specialist histology and molecular tissue probing services.

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Concept Life Sciences provides bioanalytical support through the entire paradigm of discovery pharmacokinetics (PK) to clinical proof of concept studies. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in developing and customising chromatographic methods for the quantitative determination of small and large molecules.

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Pharmaceutical toxicology

Concept Life Sciences is a leading provider of predictive, mechanistic and investigative pharmacology and toxicology solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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