Online Reporting

Our online tool allows you to log in and access your results from anywhere.

Online LIMS

All data used and generated by Concept Life Sciences network of laboratories is stored and managed through the Concept Life Sciences Laboratory Information System (LIMS).

All clients are provided with free access to their results and invoices, together with use of highly effective and useful data software tools to assist in managing the data. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Copies of reports

Just download one from Online LIMS as all reports are archived indefinitely.

Several staff / organisations working on the same project

Everybody sees the same thing – just provide the required authorisation to each person.

Checking reports for acceptance criteria

Online LIMS makes it easy – just set the criteria and exceedances will be highlighted.

Reports required in Excel or .csv format

Online LIMS will do it for you – just click the link in the report.

Consolidated report of multiple submissions from the same site

Set the search criteria and Online LIMS does it automatically including results statistics.

Invoice Checking

Invoices are shown with the report.

For more information about our Online LIMS system, please contact us.