One small step for a business, one giant facility for many businesses!

In 2006 Agenda1 started with a few employees based on the Listerhills Science Park in Bradford. Since then the number of staff has increased nearly 600% and the labs space by around 80%, always on the same site in Bradford. But that was then, and this is now. Now we have opened our first office away from that one science park. Clearly something big has changed!

The something big is the BioHub at the Alderley Park site of AstraZeneca. The site was launched back in May 2013 with 36,000 square feet of office and lab facilities using facilities vacated by Astra Zeneca. On the 17th January AstraZeneca announced us as part of the third wave of arrivals at the BioHub. They also announced that they are releasing a further 50,000 square feet of laboratories and office space – but we’re planning to take all of that right now!

Joking aside, I am really excited about being on this site and being able to take advantage of Alderley Park’s state-of-the-art research facilities and amazing scientific heritage. It is clear that AstraZeneca and the BioHub team are committed to handling the reduction of staff on the site in a way that reflects the heritage of the site, whilst recognising that times and circumstances are changing. The quality of the people and facilities at Alderley Edge are clearly worth our investment and we look forward to meeting those who are staying, talking to those who are leaving, and working with new companies that are becoming tenants like us.