Olfactometry and Speciated Odour Laboratory Analysis

As part of the continued expansion of their scope of testing, SAL are pleased to provide specialist UKAS accredited odour analysis by Olfactometry.

Who needs Odour Analysis?

Odour is a key problem facing many industrial processes such as refineries, slaughterhouses, distilleries, landfills, waste water treatment plants and anaerobic digester plants. Due to growing concerns over the environmental impact and human well-being, along with complaints submitted to regulators and governing bodies, installations that cause smells are required to have effective odour controls in place for environmental permits.

Types of Laboratory Odour Analysis

  • VOC analysis – analysis by gas chromatography mass spectrometry using thermal desorption to produce list of substances and their concentrations.
  • Olfactometry – grab samples are collected into a bespoke NalophanTM sample bag provided by SAL. To establish the odour concentration or strength, an olfactometer test is used, which employs a panel of human noses as sensors to sniff the diluted odour.

Contact SAL about Your Odour Analysis Requirements

By prior arrangement, samples can be collected by SAL using our fleet of refrigerated vans which ensures safe and reliable transportation of the samples back to the laboratory.

Full details of the analytical approaches to assist with odour assessments are available on our website here. Alternatively, please contact Duncan Campbell on +44 (0)161 874 2400 for more information or contact us online.