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Concept Life Sciences Announces The Expansion of GXP portfolio with the addition of GLP NMR & QNMR

Concept Life Sciences has the knowledge, skills and capacity to offer a range of solutions to help our clients with regulated & non-regulated analytical work. These analytical services support our GMP manufacturing batch release (CoA as a deliverable) and our process R&D programs (method development) but can also be accessed as standalone services. Catering for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, we have the capability to identify, synthesise and analyse impurities.

Our team of experienced scientists, with depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise, share your passion for delivering science. We help accelerate your programs, integrating with your existing team & collaborators to deliver superior results that positively impact your projects for use as reference standards in GMP manufacture as well as GLP 5-batch analysis.

We are pleased to announce that in 2019, we have added GLP NMR to our existing GxP portfolio which already includes: LC,GC and ICP coupled with MS in addition to FTIR, Karl Fischer and LoD. This expanded portfolio now links together with our Impurities Identification capabilities & Reference Standards ,now offering our Specialist Synthesis & Qualification service.

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