Latest Techniques

Solid state analysis of pharmaceuticals, powders, metallic dusts and flakes
Including: Specific Surface Area, Porosity, Particle Size, Particle Shape, Crystalline / Amorphous Content, Polymorph Screening, Melting Point, Tapped / Bulk / True Density

Formulation assessment – assay and quality control testing of raw materials and formulated products (intermediates, finished dosage forms)
Including: Potency / Impurity Assays, Residual Solvent Analysis, Residual Moisture Determination, Loss on Drying, Identification Testing of Raw Materials, Bioburden Testing, Stability Studies, Dissolution Testing

Ongoing program support and commercialisation activities
Including: cGMP Data for regulatory and IP submissions, R&D and full ICH stability studies, analytical method development and validation, microbiological environmental monitoring, testing using EP / USP methods