Bringing science together to deliver a comprehensive platform of integrated services demands knowledge, collaboration, a flexible approach and extensive in-house resources.

Our business is home to scientists with the deepest skillsets and unparalleled experience who have a proven track record in the life sciences, laboratory based analytical testing and specialist consulting. We are passionate about new challenges and solving problems.

Aquila BioMedical

Aquila BioMedical is now part of Concept Life Sciences. Aquila’s world-leading expertise focuses on the development of therapeutics for oncology, biomarker discovery, and target expression, with services covering a wide range of in-vitro and in-vivo proof-of-concept studies. The acquisition is a pivotal addition to the comprehensive range of integrated services Concept provides, supporting customers throughout the drug discovery and development process.

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Integrated Discovery & Development Services

We offer a comprehensive range of integrated services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, chemical and consumer industries.

We also work closely with numerous academic groups. From first concept to the launch of a finished product, our expert scientists provide support every step of the way.

By working in unison, our in-house teams accelerate the testing cycle and solve problems quickly. Where required our services are cGMP or GLP certified.

Integrated Discovery Services
Integrated Development Services

Analytical Services

From the environment we live in, to the air we breathe and the food we eat, our highly-experienced teams are equipped to deliver a wide range of testing, monitoring and analytical services.

We provide support and solve problems, ensuring compliance with industry and government regulations.

Life Sciences
Consumer Services
Industrial & Environmental Services

Delivering Science

Concept Life Sciences was formed in 2014 to deliver a knowledge based, science led business focused on delivering a comprehensive platform of services to clients requiring innovative science based solutions. Our focus is on problem solving, quality, collaboration, communication and flexibility.

By bringing together teams of highly trained scientists, excellent laboratory facilities and an in-depth understanding of our core markets, we have created a business that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This synergy between our different operations means we can introduce a growing range of complementary services to our established client base while also developing new opportunities for our services going forward. We will continue to expand through a mix of organic growth and targeted acquisition.