Hedonic Tone and Odour Intensity Analysis

Scientific Analysis Laboratories are pleased to confirm hedonic tone and odour intensity analysis are now being performed at our Manchester Laboratory. These additional tests compliment the odour threshold and speciated odour analysis already routinely performed.

A sample of the odour is taken and brought to our Odour Laboratory. The sample undergoes an odour threshold determination to EN 13725:2003 method. Once an odour threshold is known the hedonic analysis begins.

Hedonic Tone

Hedonic tone measures the pleasantness of an odour which may change from pleasant to unpleasant with an increasing concentration, intensity and frequency. The analysis carried out at SAL determines the concentration at which an odour becomes a nuisance. Our specially trained odour assessors rate the odour on a 9 point pleasant / unpleasant scale.

Odour Intensity

Odour intensity, which is measured in conjunction with odour concentration, is the perceived strength of odour above its threshold. Our odour assessors describe the odour on a scale from not perceptible to extremely strong on a 7 point scale. Odour intensity can be a very useful dimension as different odours can have different perceived intensity’s but at the same odour threshold value.

Odour threshold analysis is now being performed at a standard cost of £110.00 per sample although further discounts may be provided depending on the frequency and number of samples submitted for analysis.

This reduced cost is inclusive of provsion of the bags by prior arrangement and can include collection of the samples using our own fleet of vans

Contact Information

Further information, quotations and guidance can be provided by contacting Duncan Campbell or Jenny Wraith :-
Duncan Campbell – Email: duncanc@salltd.co.uk Tel: 07717 545717
Jenny Wraith – Email: jennyw@salltd.co.uk Tel: 07918 739679