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The Food Services business has been sold to SGS effective from 6th January 2021. You can find further information on the SGS website :

Food services

Concept Life Sciences provides a broad range of sophisticated analytical services to the food industry covering pesticides, contaminants, micro-pollutants, microbiology, nutrition and allergens. These are performed to the highest standards and covered by extensive accreditation.    

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Our highly experienced technicians understand the needs of the industry and the importance of working to agreed timescales. Delivering to fast turnaround times, they have a wealth of experience in providing data that complies with food and feed law. This gives our customers the confidence to prove the safety and integrity of their foods, ingredients and production environments.

Our world-class teams can help you to navigate the field of food testing. Drawing on our extensive experience, unrivaled expertise and knowledge we offer training, advice and consultation to our clients across a plethora of areas. Our laboratories perform over 12 million test per annum on over 175 thousand samples.


Concept Life Sciences offers one of the most comprehensive pesticide testing services in the UK from our state-of-the art laboratory in Cambridge.

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Nutritional analysis

Concept Life Sciences offers a comprehensive range of nutritional analysis services to support food manufacturers and suppliers with food labelling legislation and retailer specification compliance, due diligence and quality control, new product development and surveillance studies.

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Concept Life Sciences’ food microbiology team has extensive laboratory and industry knowledge, enabling us to be thoroughly familiar with industry demands for food testing hygiene and food safety.

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Concept Life Science offers a comprehensive allergen testing service to help meet the continuing demands and focus of the food industry.

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Concept Life Sciences provides a comprehensive Mycotoxin testing service. The analysis is based on LC-MS/MS with the availability of low limits of detection to comply with regulatory standards. We offer a standard 5 or 10 working day service with rapid analysis also available.

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Food chemistry

Concept Life Sciences’ highly skilled food chemistry team and dedicated partners offer a comprehensive range of accredited tests and services designed to meet the industry’s requirement for fast, accurate and reliable analysis.

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Training/briefing session

Concept Life Sciences offers a variety of microbiology and pesticide training courses. Delivered by experts, the educational programs offer guidance and information which can easily be applied to your specific area of business.

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Customer support

From the provision of consumables and sample collection right through to the delivery of accurate and timely results, Concept offers a range of efficient and reliable services to ensure our clients’ analytical testing needs are met.

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